, 2017-10-10 18:26:25

Bilgi ve Eğlence Sistemleri

Enjoy first-class communication and navigation options.

Discover Pro.


The optional Discover Pro navigation system is the Infotainment system for the especially discerning driver. Special eye-catcher: Noble glas superstructure. With innovative gesture control, it's easy to move around in the main menu or – with a single hand movement – to switch from radio station to radio station or from song to song, for example.

Gesture control.

You’re holding the future in your hand, as you use it to make the swiping movements to operate the “Discover Pro” navigation system. Use gesture control, which is optionally available, to change radio stations, songs, or even photos.

Head-up display

The Head-up Display presents key driving information directly in your field of vision. Speed, traffic signs and assistance systems, as well as warning and navigation messages, are pushed directly to the high-quality head-up display on the windscreen.

Mobile Phone Preparation "Premium“.

Stay connected while you’re on the road. The Mobile Phone Preparation „Premium“ interface meets even the high expectations in terms of comfort. Thanks to the "Bluetooth rSAP” link or SIM-card slot, it can access your mobile phone’s SIM card directly and wirelessly. A link to the vehicle’s own aerial means you always get the best reception*, simply and effectively. And the integrated WLAN function provides Internet access for up to seven different devices.


Car-Net, Volkswagen’s apps and services, provides you with numerous useful features that bring convenience and comfort to your everyday life. For instance: the latest changes in traffic can be seen instantly online. If you own an electrically driven Volkswagen, then Car-Net even allows you to access many of the vehicle’s features from your smartphone or computer, without being at the wheel.

Audio systems

Volkswagen audio systems make every journey a feast for the ears. Outstanding sound, high-end processing and perfect alignment all make for exceptional entertainment. Volkswagen radio and navigation systems offer first-rate sound. If you value unusual sound quality then DYNAUDIO and Fender® sound systems will provide you with everything any music lover could wish for.

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