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Assistance systems

Attention to detail: Leading the way in terms of the latest driver assistance systems.

Adaptive Cruise Control.

By far one of the most useful driver assistance systems is Adaptive Cruise Control with predictive cruise control. You simply specify your top speed and the system makes sure you don’t exceed it. Also, a minimum distance is always maintained between you and the vehicle in front.

Advanced dynamic cornering light.

Advanced dynamic cornering light illuminates bends in the road before you even start to turn the wheel. This means that you can see – and be seen – much better on winding roads.

Emergency Assist.

The “Emergency Assist” assistance system is activated in the event of an emergency to prevent an accident as far as possible. If it recognises that the driver has been inactive for some time, it attempts to influence the driver and warn the passengers. If there is still no response, the vehicle is guided into the slow lane by the “Side Assist” lane change system and brought to a controlled stop.

Side Assist.

Keep everything in view when changing lane. Even vehicles you can’t see in your exterior mirror or when looking over your shoulder. “Side Assist” alerts you to vehicles up to 70 metres behind you and in the vehicle’s blind spot, which could present a potential danger should you change lane

Front & Rear Parking Sensors.

Park distance control is a parking aid to warn of the distance from obstacles at the front and rear. A repeated warning signal tells the driver how far the vehicle is from the obstacle. As the gap decreases, the frequency of the acoustic signal increases. It begins signalling when the vehicle is 1.60 metres from the obstacle. When only 20 centimetres of manoeuvring room remains, the warning sound becomes continuous. The system operates through up to 12 ultrasonic sensors mounted in the front and rear bumpers. The parking distance control at the front can be switched off to adjust to particular traffic situations, such as in stop and go traffic. The rear ParkPilot unit is automatically switched on when the reverse gear is engaged.

Area view.

Keeping an eye on what’s around: the optional Area View function. Area View feeds live images from around your Arteon straight into the cockpit.

Park Assist.

The optional park and steer assistant Park Assist manoeuvres you elegantly into your parking space. All you have to do is operate the accelerator, the clutch and the brake. The system takes care of the rest.


Elektronik dinamik diferansiyel kilidi "XDS", bilinen EDL fonksiyonunun geliştirilmiş ve genişletilmiş versiyonudur.

Ancak XDS, çekiş kaybına odaklanmak yerine hızlı viraj geçişlerinde virajın iç bölgesinde bulunan ön tekerlek yükünün azalmasına tepki verir. XDS, tekerleğin patinaj yapmasını önlemek için virajın iç bölgesindeki tekerleğe ESP hidroliği üzerinden fren basıncı gönderir. Bu şekilde çekiş iyileştirilir ve yetersiz yönlendirme eğilimi azaltılır. Bu esnada basınç seviyesi yaklaşık 5 bar'dan 15 bar'a kadar uzanan aralıkta hareket edebilmektedir. Tek taraflı, hassas bir fren basıncı yapılandırılması sayesinde daha sportif, daha hızlı ve hedef konusunda daha hassas bir viraj kabiliyeti elde edilmektedir.

Head-up display.

The standard Lane Assist function helps to prevent accidents caused by drivers unintentionally wandering out of their lane.